Birth Moon Tree Tuning Fork


Individual Birth Moon Tree Tuning Fork

Bespoke Celtic Tree tuning fork, tuned to the frequency for the tree moon cycle of your birth

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These unique Birth Moon Tree Tuning forks, created by Ros Simons, are available in 13 different tree frequencies each with bespoke handmade wooden handles and matching strikers.

Each fork is tuned to the individual frequency of each of the thirteen Celtic Tree Moons that make up the Celtic Tree Calendar and have been created by Ros as part of her life-long work with the Celtic Trees of these lands.

The Birth Moon Tree forks can be used for individual well being; for connecting to the tree in nature and are also used in conjunction with the Celtic Tree Journey, a year-long pilgrimage with the Celtic Trees which has been running since 2012.

The Wood for the tuning fork handles is personally gathered with permission from the trees and then seasoned by Ros every year; before being worked by hand, polished and finished with beeswax and fitted to the fork. A smaller piece of wood from the same tree is used to create the fork striker.

Please note that the pictures shown here are representative and each fork handle and striker will be unique due to the natural individual properties of the wood.
Some handles may come with or without the bark still attached depending on how that particular piece has seasoned and responded to being worked.

All forks come in a handmade felt pouch with a copy of the personality traits that you may have when born under this tree’s moon.
The forks also come with simple instructions for their use.

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Birth Moon Tree Tuning Fork

Birch, Rowan, Alder, Willow, Ash, Hawthorn, Oak, Holly, Hazel, Apple, Blackthorn, Elder, Yew


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