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The Birth Moon Tree Calendar is a personal creation that has evolved out of my life’s work with the native trees of these Celtic lands. 

Each tree is associated with a full lunar cycle beginning at the new moon, and creates a personal and unique tree calendar that has evolved over time through my own personal tree pilgrimage and through the sharing of my year long Celtic Tree Journey.

I have created a unique lunar database based on this calendar, going back to the early 1940’s; so that given their date of birth I am able to ascertain which tree moon a person was born under.

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For births that took place on the new moon and abroad, (or outside of the dates of the database) you will need to contact me so that I can to do a little further research off the database!

After working more deeply with the trees I have created a set of Celtic Birth Moon Tree Forks; these are a set of tuning forks each one resonating with the individual frequency of the different Celtic Birth Moon Trees, as personally channelled to me. 

Working with your birth moon fork can help to attune to your natural vibration and may also bring a sense of peace and wellbeing.

As my work has evolved still further I have written up some channelled details of characteristics of those born under these tree moon signs and of their tendencies, strengths and weaknesses a copy of this information is supplied with each birth moon fork purchased.

The forks are available to purchase through my shop – just click on the image below and you can work with the full set of 12 forks as part of the Root and Branch edition of my year long online Celtic Tree Journey.



Birth Moon Tree Forks

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