Testimonials from previous course and retreat participants


I’m really enjoying the Elemental Journey course. Each time I feel that I am completely immersed in the element that we are currently working with. The course involves learning about the elements, practical crafting work, drumming journeys and guided meditations, sound and crystals, so all aspects are explored.

Then, during the the following three months I continue to work with the element and assimilate it’s energy and force.

Before I worked with Ros I’d hardly done any crafting work and I did find the prospect of crafting and crafting projects somewhat daunting. However, I have found that I really enjoy them and it has opened up a creative joy that I didn’t know that I had!
I feel much more confident and am eager to learn and explore more!

When I’m attending one of Ros’s weekends (I’m also doing the Elemental Tree Journey) I feel that the outside world is left behind.

It’s a time to connect with the elements and with nature … very magical!

Pam King

An Elemental Journey 2017

Living some distance from Exmoor, I was delighted when Ros brought out the Celtic Tree Journey as an e-course.

The beautifully presented booklets and downloadable guided meditations and journeys – provided each month for each tree – offer a wide range of activities, enabling me to pick and choose those to which I was most drawn each time. There is such a depth of information – including herbal, mythological, practical uses and crafting – about each tree that I find I am continuing round the journey of trees for a second year – delving in to the bits I wish to repeat or feel I missed, the first time round.

The course continues to deepen both my practical knowledge and spiritual connection with the trees and therefore nature and myself. Ros’ guided meditations make it really easy to journey to meet and connect with the tree devas.

Working remotely, the Facebook group provides a safe, friendly place of likeminded people to share my experiences and learn from and be inspired by others.

Ros’ bespoke, Tree Notes (tuning forks) offered me a totally unique experience and direct connection with the trees themselves. I would never have thought I would work with sound and vibration, but I find these really easy to use and usually have one stashed in my bag at all times when travelling.

The Celtic Tree Journey provided me with a transformative opportunity to dive into nature connection at a deep level. Ros creates and holds magical, sacred space with real integrity (both virtually and in actual time) and I feel honoured to have met and be supported and inspired by a kindred spirit.

Di Oliver from Argyll, Scotland

Celtic Tree Journey E-course 2016

I can vouch for Ros Simons.

I enjoyed a fabulous 1:1 drum birthing and trying to find the words to give it justice is quite difficult.

I am simply going to say you MUST give this experience a go. It’s such an emotionally spiritual and special day.
Soo much more to it than simply making your drum.

Natalie Birks<br />

1-2-1 Drum birthing

So far we have engaged with 4 different varieties of tree from the Celtic calendar and it has been an incredible journey to experience the different energies and qualities from each of them. I have been hugging trees for many years and have always loved the energy I get back from them.

This course has already given me a new depth of understanding of ways to interact with the trees, as well as learning to recognise them in winter from their shapes and distinctive features, rather than leaf types, fruits and flowers that I am more accustomed to.

Working with wood from each tree has also given me a closer connection to each one and I am really enjoying the chance to be a bit more practical and ‘hands-on’ with making ogham sticks, wands, talismans and other craft items, even if some of them will take rather more practice in order to become proficient, lol.

Ros has a very definite affinity with the trees and her passion comes through in the way she leads the group, whether in sharing her extensive knowledge, creating the sacred space, leading guided meditations and shamanic journeys or crafting. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to interact more with trees whilst also finding out more about themselves in a safe supportive environment.


Celtic Tree Journey 2013

Had the most amazing time in the Cotswold with 6 beautiful ladies.
It was so wonderful to share the space, be Still and take a deep breath. New insights and boundaries to be put gently into place.

Feeling inspired and so happy to explore my creative source within. Connected so deeply within and without. I have made new beautiful friendships that I hold deep in my heart.

Thank you Ros Simons


Winter Retreat

Ros guides us through the ceremony, meditation and journeying in a sure and deeply held way. I feel safe in her hands and am always amazed at the beautiful altars she creates and the wonderful sense of connection she generates. I have returned from each journey with new insights and marvel each time at who I meet and where I go.

Stell Limm

Celtic Tree Journey 2013

The Drum Birthing workshop is a unique and wonderful experience, creative and practical, yet profoundly sacred.

Ros’s skill and groundedness create a very special place in which to work and be guided through each stage.

It was an honour and privilege to be taught this skill, and be enabled to birth my own drum, which has a beautiful voice!

Laurie Lazenby

1-2-1 Drum birthing

Yesterday I returned from a winter retreat. I spent time with 6 beautiful ladies who are new friends.

Friends that I have in such a short space of time shared with, laughed with, cried with, crafted with, meditated with, walked a labyrinth with, drummed in nature with, had fun with and very much learnt with.

Thank you Ros Simons for organising such an amazing retreat that has changed my life and given me the wings to fly high and achieve.


Womens Winter Retreat

I want to thank you for such a wonderful day yesterday and helping me create such a beautiful drum.
Thank you once again for your hospitality, your stories and creativity, you have inspired me to use my creative talents again and reconnect to that part of myself that I had long since forgotten.

I received so many blessings….thank you.

Elaine Norman

1-2-1 Drum birthing


…It will be one of my closest companions and each time I play it will be a small journey…my heart is full of love.

Thank you for being part of my journey so far and helping me to come to this place…..it has been a deeply awakening time of becoming truly connected to my truth and to owning and honouring it.

Marcia Doyle

Drum Commission

I birthed a drum with Ros last year. 

Words cannot describe the journey that I went on. 

The bond that I have with my drum is second to none. You will come away feeling empowered, invigorated with an immense feeling of gratitude for the journey you know you have started. 

If you want to birth or buy a drum then I recommend Ros without hesitation 

Paula Harris

2-2-1 Drum birthing

I really like your workshop style, the pace of the day, the guided meditation/visualisation and the shamanic journey really helped me ‘connect’ with the tree energy.

I liked the ceremonial/ritual feel and closing ceremony.

Just fab really

Carol Stone

Introduction Working with Tree Spirits

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