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The Celtic Way

Online, sacred wisdom pilgrimages, guide you into a deeper relationship with the natural world and yourself. Connecting with the trees, the elements and the Celtic wheel of the year

Sacred Crafting

Take step forward in your spiritual journey and reconnect with your creative inner self. Craft your own personal Drum, Rattle and other Ceremonial Tools

Elemental Tree Forks

Sound & Nature

Join me in person and online to deepen your connection with nature. Undertake guided and shamanic journeys and work with my personally channelled Tuning Forks 

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, there is a rapture on the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes. By the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not man the less but nature more.” – Lord Byron

Hi, I’m Ros. Welcome here to my online hearth

I have a passion and that passion is to connect people back to the land and to the Natural World that is all around them.

When we open our hearts and eyes and and immerse ourselves in nature we can start to reconnect to our true selves and begin to appreciate who we are and the hidden gifts that reside within us.

I have been supporting people for many years, through teaching and also therapeutically, with my own unique blend of bodywork and energetic healing therapies incorporating crystals, nature, sound and shamanic techniques; combining these with deep listening and mentoring we work together, to bring balance in their working, personal and spiritual lives.

My intention is to help you bring healing and contentment into your life, to inspire and empower you to grow and transform so that you can bring your unique gifts to the world and begin to live your soul’s purpose more fully.

Whether you gather with me in person or online you are welcomed to a safe, gentle and held space where you can begin to re-connect with yourself, away from the busyness of day to day life.

At my hearth you can just be. Rest for a while, take some time to find yourself, connect to your inner wisdom and re-kindle your creativity.


“I’m really enjoying the Elemental Journey course. Each time I feel that I am completely immersed in the element that we are currently working with.

The course involves learning about the elements, practical crafting work, drumming journeys and guided meditations, sound and crystals, so all aspects are explored.

It’s a time to connect with the elements and with nature … very magical!”

Pam King

“I birthed a drum with Ros last year. Words cannot describe the journey that I went on.

The bond that I have with my drum is second to none. You will come away feeling empowered, invigorated with an immense feeling of gratitude for the journey you know you have started.

If you want to birth or buy a drum then I recommend Ros without hesitation”

‪Paula Harris‪

“Ros’ bespoke, Tree Notes (tuning forks) offered me a totally unique experience and direct connection with the trees themselves.

I would never have thought I would work with sound and vibration, but I find these really easy to use and usually have one stashed in my bag at all times when travelling.

I feel honoured to have met and be supported and inspired by a kindred spirit.”

Di Oliver

“Ros guides us through the ceremony, meditation and journeying in a sure and deeply held way. I feel safe in her hands and am always amazed at the beautiful altars she creates and the wonderful sense of connection she generates.

I have returned from each journey with new insights and marvel each time at who I meet and where I go.”

Stella Limm

“Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our awareness, the more creative our time will become” – John O’ Dononhue

Discover your Birth Moon Tree 

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