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A bit about me….

I love my wild life living and working on the West Coast of Scotland, this place truly does feel like home.

I have been immersing myself in nature for as long as I can remember.

As a child the trees were the place I went when I needed to get away or be alone; somehow I knew they were there for me and I was never happier than when I rode my pony off the marked paths and into the woods following the deer trails and secret pathways. Even now when I walk in nature it is those hidden animal trails that I follow most of the time rather than sticking to the public paths. I also collected natural treasures as a child, filling my room with feathers and bones and pieces of wood, with fossils and stones and shells from the beach; as I got older I began to make altar pieces and jewellery from my collections; learning to make ceremonial and shamanic tools as my path turned in that direction and its now more than 20 years ago that I discovered the deeply held memories of being a drum maker – as I wove together sinew and skin and wood. 

Originally training as a bodywork therapist some 38 years ago over time I refined my skills qualifying as a Reiki Master Teacher, a Crystal Therapist, an Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist and an NLP Practitioner.
I also worked in the Media running a very successful ethical media business – yes there is such a thing 🙂 which I eventually passed on to one of my employees.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to train and connect with some amazing people, from Hazel Raven, Melody and Naisha Asian in the world of Crystals and Earth Elements to Carolyn Hillyer who awoke the drum maker deep within me. My Reiki Master Teacher Rhonda Blunden who walks in the Summerlands now and Georgina Lange who stepped in to complete my teacher training when Rhonda could no longer work. Sarah Howcroft who re-connected me to the trees on an even deeper spiritual level through a year long Dryad Quest in the Brecon Beacons and who was also the celebrant at our wedding in the woods guiding us through our hand-fasting ceremony and playing us with flute and drum to the ancient Oak tree who witnessed our vows.

In 2015 as part of my lifelong work with the nature spirits I channelled a series of bespoke sounds for the Elements and the Celtic and Elemental Trees and I have had these created into unique sets of tuning forks incorporating the natural wood of the trees and also corresponding crystals. I furthered my training to incorporate the use of tuning forks for personal healing and now incorporate this into the therapies I offer. As this work progresses it now underpins many of my Year-Long Pilgrimages and other workshops and retreats and has also been foundational in the work I do with two wonderful sound sisters at IHHT.org where we offer unique fully accredited Sound and Tuning Fork practitioner trainings as well as CPD workshops and courses. 

There are many others with whom I have attended workshops or simply spent time along this journey so far and I would like to acknowledge you all even if you are not named here for the part you have played in bringing me to this part of my path.

So now I live my life in these most beautiful and wild lands, walking and working with the land, facilitating people to connect into nature and into themselves, and sharing the skills and experiences that have been part of this life for me so far. I feel honoured and blessed to live and work in this magical place.

I am excited to continue this work and to be developing the workshop space and land that we caretake in Scotland, I look forward to welcoming you here to take a workshop, walk a year long journey with me to join a womens’ retreat or to birth your own sacred spirit drum.

Within this website you will find information on my workshops and retreats and also my shop where you can purchase my handmade ceremonial tools and drums and tuning forks.

I couldn’t leave this page without saying a huge and heartfelt thank you to my husband and soulmate Jonathan, without whose support living my dream and doing this work would not be possible. Oh and he also provided many of the photographs on this site so another big thank you for that.
Please visit his site www.jonsimonsphotography.com

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By opening our hearts and eyes and and immersing ourselves in nature we can start to reconnect to
our true selves and begin to appreciate who we are and the hidden gifts that reside within us.

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