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Here is a list of books that I have been working with in preparation for the Celtic Tree Journey. I will be reviewing each one soon. 

By following the link to purchase them from Amazon you allow me  to earn a very small affiliate fee which in turn allows me to keep my workshop costs down. Thank you for helping me by purchasing this way!

This book is really helping me as I am trying to learn the Native American Flute – it’s not easy to find over here and is not particularly cheap on Amazon but otherwise you have to order from the US.

Here are some of the tools for working with wood that I recomend

Here are my latest links – Birch Water to drink throughout Birch Tree Month connecting to the tree internally as well!
Also these are a great set of identification cards to get you going with recognising trees – I love that they show the shape of the tree without leaves – so helpful in the winter time, and if you are going to go sit with trees then its worth getting yourself a sit mat that goes in your pocket – saves getting a numb bum 🙂

Useful Websites

The websites on this page take you to other pages where I work or sell my hand made items.

There are also a carefully selected number of businesses with whom I am closely associated or who I support. I encourage you to explore what they have to offer there are also some organisations I have links to.

Ros Simons Wild Arts Shop

My Etsy shop RosSimonsWildArts where you can browse and purchase my hand made drums and ceremonial tools.

Ros Simons Jewellery Shop

My Etsy shop RosSimonsJewellery where you can browse and purchase my hand made chain maille jewellery.Etsy Jewellery

Tracks4Life - New Journeys

Tracks4Life Tracks4lifewhere I work in partnership with my husband Jonathan Simons.

Tracks4Life is available to individuals, groups and Corporate organisations and offers Wild Life Tracking, Ancient Skills and Bushcraft Courses as well as Nature Connection Days and One to One Mentoring in Nature.

Biomat - Healing Mat

BiomatScience and medicine have come together to develop this medical device for home and professional use. The BioMat‘s state-of-the-art Crystal Infrared and Negative Ion technology supports and allows healing processes to occur.

Jon Simons Photography

PhotographyJonSimonsPhotography this site is the showcase for Jonathan’s amazing photography work.
Offering Commercial Photography services to businesses and commissions for individuals as well as a gallery of landscape, nature and wildlife photographs available for purchase.

Exmoor National Park

Exmoor ParkExmoor National Park the source of all information about the National Park including maps and links to events.

Wolf Consultancy

Wolf ConsultancyWolf Consultancy, Fabulous book keeping services and business organisation.

Sundial House B&B

Sundial B&BSundial House Bed and Breakfast – A wonderful welcome in the heart of our village. Lovely hosts and you can even eat our hens eggs here! 

Crystal Clear Holistic Events

Wonderful holistic fairs and events organised by the lovely Pamela Kelly and with a really fab group of exhibitors, therapists and readers. Treat yourself to a lovely day out! I’ll be exhibiting at most of their events this year.

Aquarian Spiritual Events

Great events in Cornwall organised by the lovely Debbi Walker and Lisa. Most often at the Guildhall in Plymouth but branching out this year further afield.
You will find me exhibiting here.

The Healing Weekend

A great event organised by the brilliant Ron Tropman and Elaine Fenton. Lots of wonderful exhibitors, great workshops, music, readers and therapists – who could ask for more. Oh yes there’s great camping too! I will be exhibiting here again this year.

This Earth Gathering

An three day event just for women organised by Paloma Suarez – “a festival where the soul can come alive with colour and laughter, where bodies can dance to the sounds of ancient rhythms, where our voices can shout out and praise the morning sky, where we can join in ceremony to remember those things that make us glad to be alive on this earth today.” I shall be running several workshops here this year during the festival.

Black Dog Tipis

Black Dog TipisBlack Dog Tipis – Simply the best in tipi and yurt manufacture and hire, made with attention to detail and back up with wonderful service.

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