Shamanic Reindeer Rattle “Ancestors Dance”

“Ancestors Dance” Stunning Shamanic Reindeer Rattle

Crafted in ceremony a purple dyed, tri-headed rattle on a gorgeous antler handle.


This unique Shamanic Reindeer Rattle was Birthed in Ceremony on the Blackthorn New Moon and Lunar Samhain on 25th October 2022

The Reindeer Hide was first cut and dyed with a purple dye, and then hand stitched into a tri-sided rattle, with purple coloured artificial sinew.

Filled with a hand picked mixture, of different sized Amethyst crystal chips.

The rattle head was then bound onto a naturally shed, hand polished, gorgeous, three-tined, Reindeer Antler handle, with a aubergine leather wrap.

Finally the rattle was finished with a Reindeer Fur trim and Sari silk streamers.

Listen to a recording of “Ancestors Dance”here – use headphones or speakers to hear the full range of tones. Recording coming soon.

Ros Simons has been creating sacred shamanic ceremonial tools for over 19 years, using personally refined techniques and practices that were handed down to her in the traditional way from teachers and mentors.

The rattle-crafting process is carried out in ceremonial space, with prayers and thanks given to honour the spirit of the animal, the trees and the stones of the earth that gifted themselves to bring these sacred allies and medicine tools into being. The hide, the wood, the colours and any crystals incorporated into each rattle are gathered by Ros through otherworld journeying, each rattle is unique.

Your personal rattle will become a guide, a healer, a teacher and an ally, that walks with you on your path.

All of the Shamanic Rattles birthed by Ros are guaranteed for two years provided you treat them with love and care and follow the included rattle care instructions.

If this rattle has already found its keeper or you would like a shamanic rattle similar to this, but unique and created especially for you, then you can order a bespoke rattle to be made to your individual wishes and created with your own prayers and intentions. For more information please take a look at the Commissions Page.

The Reindeer carries a powerful matriarchal energy, immensely resilient and powerful and yet is a gentle spirit and a great healer. Here in these Northern lands, the Reindeer is sometimes associated with the Goddess Elen. In Mongolia Reindeer feature prominently on ancient megaliths carved with symbols. Little is known about their meaning or function; these “deer stones” take their name from the stylised depictions of flying deer carved into the stone.

Reindeer as a totem animal symbolises protection, wisdom, resourcefulness, knowledge, connection, creativity and inventiveness.

All of the hides and frames for Ros Simons shamanic drums are sustainably and ethically sourced.

The reindeer hides come from herds owned by traditional Sami herders in Northern Sweden, the animals are wild culled by their herders in order to make their traditional living and to maintain the health of their herds. Ros buys the hides through a small family run tannery to support and honour this traditional and ancient way of life, ensuring that all of the animal is used and nothing is wasted. All the skins Ros uses in her drums have been a bi-product of another sustainable purpose (killed for food or due to environmental pressures of overpopulation) and would otherwise be wasted; no animal was ever killed just to provide skin for a drum. Drum making can be seen as a reparation, a way of returning some beauty and honouring to an animal whose life has already been taken.The spirit of the animal lives on and is reborn into the rattle.

Any crystals filling the rattle are sourced from ethical suppliers, most of whom Ros has been trading with for over 25 years, river pebbles and beach stones are collected personally by Ros.

The wood for the rattle handles is personally gathered and seasoned by Ros every year.



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