Ocean Song Neck Rattle


Assorted Ocean neck rattles made from paired clam shells and sea polished pebbles strung on an adjustable hemp cord

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Unique Ocean Neck Rattles created by me from clam shells of varying sizes.

Naturally paired clam shells are gathered with gratitude and thanks whilst on my wanderings along the Atlantic Coastline of Scotland close to where I live and have my studio.

These are not easy to find as naturally paired shells and are occasional treasure offerings from the sea. This Winter release includes just ten of these magical creations and one small shell rattle is left from the summer offerings.

The shells are firstly soaked and cleaned and then rest on my water element altar for as long as they wish.

When they are ready to become ocean song rattles they are filled with sea tumbled pebbles gathered from the same shoreline, before being re-joined to create unique shell rattles.

Strung from a copper or silver ring, on an adjustable natural hemp cord in assorted colours.

A lovely way to call in the water element and to use in any water clearing rituals; these unique and individual rattles can be worn as shamanic jewellery, carried in your pocket or placed on your altar.

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Purple, Navy, Mauve, Pale Grey, Dark Grey, Sand, Taupe, Peach, Turquoise, White, Green


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