12″ Classic Shamanic Red Deer Drum

12″ Shamanic Red Deer Drum

Birthed in ceremony during the Birch Moon, laced onto a beeswaxed Birch wood frame with a matching song caller on Birch.


This classic Shamanic Red Deer Drum was birthed in Ceremony during the Birch Moon 2023
Red Deer hide with a lovely spinal marking is laced onto a beeswaxed Birch Frame and an olive green leather wrapped ring

Finished with a simple olive green leather wrapped Bridget’s Cross handle.

The matching olive green leather song-caller is bound on a hand polished Birch Wood handle.

This drum has a lively and bright voice and strong energy that belies its size, the skin is quite even in texture giving multiple sweet spots for playing, and it would make a wonderful traveling drum for healing or journeying.

Listen to a recording of this drum here

– use headphones or speakers to hear the full range of tones – recording coming soon.

Birch trees are considered pioneer species, rapidly colonizing land that has been levelled by fire or clear-cutting. They sprout fresh green leaves in early Spring, just as the first thaw begins. Hence, this tree’s long held association with fertility and new beginnings. It also carries powerful energies for clearing, cleansing and purification. The spirit of Birch offers courage and protection to those who would venture outside of the safe and the normal; through its sheltering of for the psychoactive Fly Agaric mushrooms Birch can be a powerful protector as we journey in the other realms.

The Red Deer carries the energy of a gentle powerhouse. Swift moving with a keen eye, the deer connects us to our heart energy. In Native American traditions the deer was a messenger, an animal of power, and a totem representing sensitivity, intuition and gentleness. In Celtic lore there were two aspects of the deer: the female red deer, symbolising femininity, gentleness and grace; and the male red deer, related to the sacred and to the forests, symbolising independence, purification and pride. The stag is known as the king of the forest, the protector of all other creatures. Red Deer spirit transports us gently and quickly into and out of otherworld journeys on fast moving hoofbeats.

Ros Simons has been creating sacred shamanic drums and ceremonial tools for over 19 years, using personally refined techniques and practices that were handed down to her in the traditional way from teachers and mentors.

The drum-birthing process is carried out in ceremonial space, with prayers and thanks given to honour the spirit of the animal, the trees and the stones of the earth that gifted themselves to bring these sacred allies and medicine tools into being. The drum lacing is cut from the same hide as the drum head ~ weaving the spirit of the animal into the drum; the wood, the colours and any crystals incorporated into each drum are gathered by Ros through otherworld journeying and guidance from her drum guide, each drum is unique.

Your personal drum will become a guide, a healer, a teacher and a friend, that walks with you on your path, and takes you on a deep journey of other world and inner world exploration.

All of the Shamanic Drums birthed by Ros are guaranteed for two years provided you treat them with love and care and follow the included drum care instructions.

If this drum has already found its keeper or you would like a Shamanic Drum similar to this, but unique and birthed especially for you, then you can order a bespoke drum to be made to your individual wishes and birthed with your own prayers and intentions. For more information please take a look at the Commissions Page.

All of the hides and frames for Ros Simons shamanic drums are sustainably and ethically sourced.

The red deer hides come from wild culled deer, a process which is necessary to maintain the health of the herds and prior to being purchased by Ros the hides were being buried or burnt. In this way we return more to the ways of our ancestors, ensuring that all of the animal is used and nothing is wasted. The spirit of the animal lives on and is reborn into the drum.

The Wood for the frames is sourced from sustainably managed forests; and the wood for the song caller is personally gathered and seasoned by Ros every year..



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