Faraway Drum Birthing 

Join me for this bespoke two day workshop in the heart of the Welsh Mountains to birth your sacred spirit drum

Birthing your Sacred Spirit Drum

We are all born with our own personal drum – our own heartbeat.

We hear the heartbeat of our mother in her womb, and the drum’s beat is the heartbeat of the Great Mother held in your hands.

Birthing a drum is a magical artistic process of co-creation with sacred hide, wood and spirit.

Over two days working together in a small group that is limited to a maximum of 8 participants – you will birth your personal sacred spirit drum.

Below is an outline of what to expect from the two days – this will effortlessly unfold and may change to suit the needs of the group (and maybe the weather!) as guided by the spirits of the drum and of place, to draw in all that we need. 


Your drum birthing is being hosted at the lovley rural escape of Faraway Follies near Wrexham, a very special place that is close to my heart.

There are opportunities to stay inthe amazing Folly accomodation on site – please see the Faraway Follies website for availability. 

You can also choose to stay open bunkhouse style in the Tipi (bring your own bedding) just tick the appropriate box on the booking form.

Our venue includes a Tipi and a converted barn that we will use as the space for our ceremonial and crafting work, with a fire pit area for our blessing ceremony (weather permitting).

 After you have arrived promptly on Saturday morning we will move into sacred space and gather together in circle and you will take your first steps on the drum road as we begin with a ceremony of prayer and a blessing for the animal which has given its skin for your drum. You will choose the frame, the skin and the ring which calls to you.

Over the two days we will be birthing Red Deer drums on Ash Wood frames in a choice of either 14″ or 16″ sizes.



The Celtic Way Nature

As you take the first steps in the process of the creation of your sacred medicine tool you will be taken on a guided journey to meet your creative ally and we will take the hides to the river to bless them in the cold mountain waters before leaving them to rest in containers softening for the labour ahead.

You will have the opportunity to add your own herbs and crystals to the soaking waters if you wish.




We will continue with the creation of your personal ceremonial tools working to sand, prepare and personalise the bones of your drum – the wooden frames – to your individual design before coating them in a protective layer of beeswax.

You will hand cut cut your own lacing from the same hide as your drum head, in the traditional way, it is in this way we weave the spirit of the animal into the drum.

Then we will wrap the tensioning rings in softest suede and use the same suede to create the heads for our song callers. We will also be sanding and polishing the wooden handles and adding any extra embellishments you wish.

At the end of the day you will return home or to your local self-organised accommodation and as the skins continue to soak overnight you will dream into your personal journey of creation until the next day when we begin the process of birthing your special allies.

Accompanied by music and drumming and drum stories we will spend Sunday undertaking the slow and steady process of lacing the hide to the frame and ring.

We will spiral around and around easing the skin to stretch itself into this new form it is taking until finally it reaches its perfect tension – becoming drum.

In the late afternoon you will make any finishing touches to your song callers and the medicine pouches for your drums before we complete our two days together with a special ceremony to bless and welcome your new drum ally and you will be guided on a shamanic drummed journey to meet the spirit of your drum.

After we close our sacred space you will leave and return to your homes, now the waiting begins, as the drums start their gentle and steady process of drying over the next seven days until you hear their voices for the first time.

Throughout history the heartbeat of the drum has been used in personal and healing ceremonies, for journey work and celebrations. The sound of the drum reconnects us to the heartbeat of our Earth Mother and our oneness with all.

The tradition of drum birthing has been handed down person to person since ancient times and I as your drum doula have trained and worked for over 20 years to learn the skills required to support you through this process. You will be birthing a personal ceremonial tool crafted with carefully and ethically sourced materials.

Every drum has its own energy and voice, the drum is a powerful tool with which we can work to honour spirit, for healing, or for clearing and generating energy.

The Drum is the spirit horse that carries us between worlds, taking us on journeys into new dimensions, helping us to ride the tides of life, it touches memories inside each and every one of us, of something very deep and very old; of a time when we came together as a people to drum, dance and sing – rooting ourselves into the earth.



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This workshop will take place in the Autumn of 2024

included in the cost:-    

  • two days in sacred retreat space with a small group birthing your spirit drum – from 9:30am Saturday morning until Sunday early evening around – 6pm (please note the end time is flexible to allow everyone to complete their drums without pressure or stress – we may finish earlier or later so please don’t organise or commit to anything on either evening)
  • all the materials and use of the tools needed to birth your drum and create a song caller and simple medicine pouch (rrp £395)
  • snacks, herbal teas and spring water for the duration of the retreat
  • all rituals, ceremonies and blessings
  • comprehensive drum care instructions
  • opportunity to view and purchase Ros’s other ceremonial tools that she has for sale at the time
  • drum bags for your drum are included at a special discounted price – you can choose your colour when booking. (rrp £45-50)

your investment is £430  

a deposit of £180 will secure your place the balance to be paid in 1 month prior to the weekend (this can be done in instalments if you wish)

please note a minimum of six people are required to run this workshop

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