Welcome to your preparation for the Celtic Tree Journey

 Firstly read through the preparation guidebook and then return to this lesson plan. 

 Below you will find lots of recordings for you practice with in preparation for our pilgrimage together.  

Begin by taking some time to think about and prepare personal altar for this journey and to create the sacred space that you will spend your time in for your tree work. This will likely evolve over the journey but now is a good time to explore how your space feels and the sorts of things you would like to have around you.

Clear and cleanse the space and yourself, choose the things that you would like to place on your focus place or altar. 


Setting up your Sacred Space

 & Calling in the Directions


Begin your work by setting up a personal tree altar and creating your sacred workspace in which to spend your indoor tree time, this can be as simple or complex as you wish.

Call in the Directions – my versions of this is included in the preparation guidebook below.

You can access a recording by clicking on the image to the right.




Calling in the Universal World Tree

Now call in the Universal World Tree – you can find the words that I use for this in the preparation guidebook below – I encourage you to find your own as the journey progresses.

Click on the image to the left to listen to a recording of my version of this. 

Make some notes about how you found this experience in your journal.






Introductory Guided Meditation

Now undertake the introductory guided meditation this was recorded at one of my introduction to tree spirit days on Exmoor and gives you the opportunity to get used to my style of guiding you in meditation.

Make some notes about your experience with the guided journey in your journal.

Remember to drink some water and eat after the meditation to make sure you are fully grounded.


Shamanic Sound Journey 

deepen your tree practice with this shamanic journey – once again this was recorded spat of a live introduction to working with tree spirits day – your intention for the journey is to meet the spirit of the Scots Pine tree.

Record your journey experience in your journal and remember to drink some water and eat something to make sure you are fully grounded.

Grounding yourself

Make sure you are fully grounded and ready to return to your normal life.

Listen to the grounding visualisation.

Take some moments after you complete the grounding visualisation to record anything else that comes to mind in your journal.


Release the Directions & close your Sacred Space

now complete your work by Releasing the Directions and closing down your Sacred Space

To complete your indoor work, close down your sacred space – my version of how to do this is included in the preparation guidebook below and a recording from one of my live Birch Tree days, can be listened to by clicking the image on the left.

In time you will write a version of this in your own style.

Now go out into nature and take a look around to see what trees you have easy access to in your local area. Introduce yourself to a few and let them know you will be coming to commune with them more regularly.




Join the FaceBook group

Remember to join us in the private Facebook Group. This is so that during our journey we can all:

  • share experiences
  • ask questions
  • inspire one another

You are invited to post photographs of your sacred space and altars and your craft work

Click the link to the right to find the group and request to join….




Learn how to work with wood




Please click on the image below to view my crafting video on working with the sanding kit for finishing your tuning fork handles and Ogham staves.


Clicking on the image or link below will take you to the video, currently available in three parts in the facebook group.




Preparation Guidebook
Below you can find the link to your pdf document for this moon.