Welcome to the Hazel Moon


We continue our thirteen moon pilgrimage with the trees, with the Hazel Tree – the tree of knowledge and wisdom.

Hazel Moon Guided Meditation

Begin your work by setting up a personal tree altar and creating your sacred workspace in which to spend your indoor time with hazel, this can be as simple or complex as you wish.

Call in the Directions – then Call in the Universal World Tree – my versions of these were included in the preparation materials sent to you previously.

Now begin your work starting with the recorded Guided Journey for the hazel moon. Feel free to undertake this journey as often as you wish during the holly moon.

Write about your experience with the guided journey in your tree journal.

Remember to drink some water and eat after the journey to make sure you are fully grounded.


Ash moon GJ pic

Hazel Moon Meditation

Willow crafting pic

Hazel Crafting

Hazel Moon Crafting

Continue your connection with hazel with some crafting – continue creating your set of Ogham fews (staves)


Create your hazel prayer flag


The optional crafting project this month is to make a hazel pendulum. 


Instructions for this project is included in the tree notes booklet for the hazel moon






Hazel Moon Shamanic Sound Journey

deepen your connection to hazel with the shamanic journey – your intention for the journey is to meet the spirit of the hazel tree.

You can read the notes on holly before or after the drummed journey as you wish.

Record your journey experience in your journal and remember to drink some water and eat something to make sure you are fully grounded.

To complete your indoor work, close down your sacred space – my version of how to do this was included with your preparation materials. In time you will write a version of this in your own style.

Now go out into nature and introduce yourself to some local hazel trees that you will work with this month.

You can do this on the day of the New Moon or another day whichever suits you best. Always remember that intention is key in this work so if you miss the new moon one month you can set your intention to be with the tree in those energies. 

Enjoy your moon with hazel. 

Ash Moon DJ

Hazel Moon Shamanic Journey

Learn how to identify Hazel

Please click on the image below to view the video from the Woodland Trust – A Year in the Life of the Hazel Tree.


Ash Moon WT

A Year in the Life of the Hazel Tree

Hazel Moon Downloads
Below you can find the links to your pdf documents for this moon.

Willow TN pic

Hazel Moon Tree Notes

Willow LP pic

Hazel Moon Lesson Guide

Willow WB pic

Hazel Moon Journal