Drum Birthing Retreat- Unique and Tailored retreats to create sacred drums and rattles

New for 2018
“ The Tree birthed the drum so that we and spirit could talk with common tongue”

E Bonnie Devlin - Huntogi Drum Master

Over one evening and two full days working together in small groups that are limited to 8 participants - you will birth a drum and a rattle.
On the first evening you will be gifted a whole Red Deer Hide to work with.
We will start with a ceremony of prayer and a blessing for the animal which has given its skin ~ as you begin the process of the creation of your sacred medicine tools ~ through journeying to meet your creative guide and starting the work of preparing and cutting the hide for your drum.
As the skin soaks overnight you will dream into your journey of creation until the next morning when we begin the process of birthing your
special allies.

We are all born with our own personal drum – our own heartbeat.
We hear the heartbeat of our mother in her womb, and the drum’s beat is the heartbeat of the Great Mother held in your hands.
Birthing a drum can be a magical artistic process of co-creation with sacred hide, wood and spirit.

Throughout history the heartbeat of the drum has been used in personal and healing ceremonies, for journey work and celebrations. The sound of the drum reconnects us to the heartbeat of our Earth Mother and our oneness with all.

The tradition of drum birthing has been handed down person to person since ancient times and I as your drum doula have trained and worked for over 13 years to learn the skills required to support you through this process. You will be birthing a personal ceremonial tool crafted with carefully and ethically sourced materials.

Every drum has its own energy and voice, the drum is a powerful tool with which we can work to honour spirit, for healing, or for clearing and generating energy.

The Drum is the spirit horse that carries us between worlds, taking us on journeys into new dimensions, helping us to ride the tides of life, it touches memories inside each and every one of us, of something very deep and very old; of a time when we came together as a people to drum, dance and sing - rooting ourselves into the earth.

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The Rattle embodies all of the sacred forces of the Cosmos and is thought to echo the very first sound
- the sound of creation.
The various parts of the rattle are also believed to symbolise the different structures of the world.

Your sacred Spirit Rattle will work with you to deepen your connection to the elements and all the nature beings and can be used in ceremony and for healing both for yourself and others.

During the weekend we will be journeying and crafting our own unique shamanic rattle allies, cut from the same hide as your drums.

You will deepen your connection to the natural world and work with the nature spirits of the trees and the animals that have gifted you the materials to craft your personal shamanic rattle.

Through journeying and guided meditation you will uncover the inspiration and bring back the symbols and visions which you will craft into your magical tools.

Our weekend will complete with a journey to meet the spirits of your drum and rattle as you begin your healing path together.

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14” Healing Drum (Willow Frame Red Deer Hide)
and Shamanic Rattle
16” Healing Drum (Willow Frame Red Deer Hide)
and shamanic Rattle
The retreat price includes all materials for your drum & beater and rattle and simple vegetarian meals
- from breakfast on the first day until lunch on the second day.
Please bring something to share for a pot luck dinner on the first evening.

For a reasonable cost we have limited shared accommodation available on site on a first come first served basis
and can also offer Glamping or own tent camping options please ask for more information

Every drum and rattle birthing retreat is unique but a general outline of what you can expect is given below.
Your retreat will be one evening and two full days of ceremony and gratitude, working in sacred space and connecting to the tree and animal spirits who have come together with you to create your drum and rattle
You will be gifted a complete hide to work with from which you will cut your drum face and lacing and the pieces for your rattle.
You will undertake shamanic journeys to meet your creative guide who will help you through this process
You will prepare the frame and decorate it with dyes and oils and paints in your own unique design.
You will cut and stitch and lace together the components of these sacred tools.
You will journey to connect to the tree spirits who gift the wood for your beater and rattle handles
We will labour together with laughter and joy, there may be tears too that need to be woven into these mirrors of you. So we will dream into being these magical partners for the rest of your life, your own sacred spirit drum and rattle.
You will also explore working with your drums through drumming together with drums loaned to you over the weekend and we may travel out onto the land if we have time.
To complete the bonding at the end of the retreat I will take you on a drummed journey to meet the spirit of your drum and rattle and we will bless them in a sacred ceremony as you take the first steps on your new path together.

In 2018 this retreat will take place on the following dates

February 2018 ~ Wheddon Cross Exmoor ~ Private Group fully booked

2019 Dates will be up soon

Private group retreats can be booked by arrangement by contacting me.

We offer Bed & Breakfast in twin or double rooms or Camping on site and also have a Bell Tent with a wood burner available for overnight accommodation as well as excellent B&Bs nearby if you wish to extend your stay.
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WOMENS RED MOON DRUM BIRTHING (small groups up to 6 women)
10" or 12” Red Moon Drum (Ash or Willow Frame with Red natural dyed Reindeer Hide)
£245.00 (this lasts a day and a half and includes an overnight stay in the yurt)

Please see
here for full details of this very special journey
to birth the drum that honours the womb space for women.