Red Moon Drum Birthing Days
"Making a drum is like pulling your heart together and giving birth to a new part of yourself."
Judith Thompson Master Drum Maker
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Join me for a very special and unique drum birthing experience in the heart of wild exmoor.

Over a day and a half we will be journeying deep into ourselves to explore the beat of the heart that is our female medicine and to unearth our gifts that we bring to the world at this time and in this place. We will deepen our connection to the natural world and work with the nature spirits of the trees and the animals that have gifted us the materials to craft our personal woman's medicine drum. Through journeying and guided meditation we will uncover the inspiration and bring back the symbols and visions which we will craft into our magical tools.

We will work in ceremonial space and with clear intention with naturally hand dyed Reindeer rawhide and Ash or Willow frames.
You will bring with you any herbs, totems or decorative items that you wish to add to your drum as well as your dreams and intentions for creating your sacred medicine piece.

This will be a unique and special drum, a healing tool - not so much a drum to be played long and loud but a drum to work with, to journey with; to be the voice and symbol of your secret feminine and a vessel for your power.

This workshops is limited to 6 places and will involve work outdoors on Exmoor and also indoors in our workshop space.
The night will be spent sleeping together in the Womens yurt dreaming into your drums before travelling out onto the wild moor to take the first steps on your journeys with your new medicine guide

Drum sound rises on air, its throb, my heart. A voice inside the beat says: I know you are tired, but come This is the way.
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The cost for this workshop is £295 (from 2019) which includes a simple vegetarian lunch and light breakfast, please bring food to share for supper.

Dates for 2018 are fully booked

In 2019 this workshop will run on the Autumn Equinoxes

22nd - 23rd September 2019 ~ Wheddon Cross Exmoor ~ Fully booked please contact me to be placed on the waiting list
(Sunday and Monday)

Contact me for a booking form