Elemental Rattle Making Days
The true power of the rattle is its spirit. Learning to work with the rattle is learning to listen to its spirit. The rattle is not a tool - it is an ally.
Jonathan Horwitz
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Join me for a very special and unique Elemental Rattle crafting experience in the heart of wild exmoor.
The Rattle embodies all of the sacred forces of the Cosmos and is thought to echo the very first sound
- the sound of creation.

The various parts of the rattle are also believed to symbolise the different structures of the world.

Your sacred Spirit Rattle will work with you to deepen your connection to the elements and all the nature beings and can be used in ceremony and for healing both for yourself and others.

During this one day workshop we will be journeying and crafting our own unique shamanic ally. We will deepen our connection to the natural world and work with the nature spirits of the trees and the animals that have gifted us the materials to craft our personal elemental rattle. Through journeying and guided meditation we will uncover the inspiration and bring back the symbols and visions which we will craft into our magical tools.

We will work in ceremonial space and with clear intention crafting together rawhide, sinew, wood and stone to create an elemental rattle.
You will bring with you any herbs, totems or decorative items that you wish to add to your rattle as well as your dreams and intentions for creating your sacred medicine piece.

Working with your rattle ally will draw you closer to the elemental spirits and nature beings and connect you more deeply with the natural world as well as give you a powerful healing tool for transformation of yourself and others.

This workshops is limited to 8 places and will take place in our lovely yurt and our workshop space.
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The cost for this workshop is £80 which includes all materials and a simple vegetarian lunch.

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In 2018 this workshop is fully booked

Dates for 2019 will be up soon

Contact me for a booking form