Here are my latest links - Birch Water to drink throughout Birch Tree Month connecting to the tree internally as well!
Also these are a great set of identification cards to get you going with recognising trees - I love that they show the shape of the tree without leaves - so helpful in the winter time.
And if you are going to go sit with trees then its worth getting yourself a sit mat that goes in your pocket - saves getting a numb bum :-)

This book is really helping me as I am trying to learn the Native American Flute
- it's not easy to find over here and is not particularly cheap on Amazon but otherwise you have to order from the US. As with all my other Amazon links your price going via my link includes a very small affiliate fee but does not change the price you pay. Thank you for your support

Here is a list of books that I have been working with in preparation for the Celtic Tree Journey.

I will be reviewing each one soon, by following the link to purchase them from Amazon you allow me
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Here are some of the tools for working with wood that I recomend