Having worked in the media for some time and being acutely aware of the detrimental effect of long term stress on people's lives both physically and mentally, a long standing
interest in alternative therapies came to the fore and I decided to take an active step in helping others to alleviate these problems with the use of holistic therapies 
Already a massage therapist for some 19 years in 2000 I undertook further training in Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy
This has given me a broad base of holistic, hands on energy healing therapies from which to work, allowing me to specifically tailor my treatment to each individual's requirement
and situation
As I continue to expand my knowledge and learn more from every person I meet or treat I get great satisfaction from observing the wonderful results which my clients experience
from the inclusion of Holistic therapies into their daily lives.

Holistic Therapies ~ Balancing Body and Mind.
All of the Treatments offered can help prevent disease by boosting the immune system and are effective in treating many of the following:~

Headaches and migraines
Mental Tiredness
Lack of Concentration
Back and Neck Problems
Hair Condition and Growth
Circulatory Disorders
Skin disorders
Digestive Ailments
Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Hormonal Imbalances
If you would like further information on any of my therapies, or if you would like to book a treatment then please call Ros
01643 841365 or 07791 466619